Pride and Prejudice was written in 1813 but remains relevant for scholars today. You are likely to encounter a Pride and Prejudice essay at any level or grade of study than some of the latest books released to the market today. It is the work of Jane Austen, one of the highest regarded writers of her generation and beyond. The novel is categorized as romantic but is also heavy on satire.

An essay on Pride and Prejudice falls under the review categories. The novel becomes your reference, though you may refer to other academic works. Before looking at a sample, it helps to understand how to write the best essay on the novel Pride and Prejudice.

  • Choose a subject

What would you like to discuss in your Pride and Prejudice literary analysis essay? The book is so wide that you cannot exhaust all the ideas in a single essay. Identify a topic or subject for discussion to help you focus on your paper.

The subject is determined by instructions issued by your tutor. In some cases, the instructions come with a topic or subject of discussion. Choose a subject that you understand, like plot, character, theme, and such elements. It will help you to deliver a captivating paper.

  • Craft a topic

The topic is a signboard indicating what to expect in your paper. Make it as interesting as possible to capture the attention of a reader. Your Pride and Prejudice analysis essay topic should set boundaries to guide readers. By reading the title, it should be possible to know what you are discussing. Further, choose a fresh and original perspective to discuss in your paper.

  • Read Pride and Prejudice again

While you might have read the book a thousand times, you need to read it again. This time you will be looking for the subject mentioned in the Pride and Prejudice essay questions you are discussing. For instance, you pay attention to a particular character if your essay targets to discuss him or her. It is easier to pick these facts when reading deliberately. It also refreshes your memory to help you capture the ideas accurately.

  • Look for examples and samples

Samples guide you on how to execute the instructions given for your Pride and Prejudice critical essay. The samples should come from your tutor, library, or credible online sources. It helps you to craft the most compelling paper. Avoid poor-quality samples because they will be misleading.

  • Use writing services

Hire a professional writer to deliver your paper in record time. Writing services have dedicated writers who can take the burden away, helping you to focus on other chores like business or any activity that you are passionate about. The writing services also offer Pride and Prejudice essay prompts, samples, and editing services, among other ways to support your writing.

Here is a sample of the best essays on Pride and Prejudice.

Pride and Prejudice: Has the world changed much today?

Jane Austen wrote Pride and Prejudice between 1796 and 1797. The society then was different from what you would expect today. She tells the story of Bingley, a simple yet considerably rich man. The man, despite his wealth, loves people and lives a simple life. Such people still exist today, though they come in trickles.  You can tell from the bodyguards that the rich and famous hire.

Darcy is the prejudicial one in the book. Though she is tender and elegant, her sympathy towards Elizabeth turns into dislike. These are traits witnessed in the world today where a rich family member who associates with the poor is shoved aside.

Mr. Collins has a unique character. He wants to save Elizabeth by marrying her, instead of focusing on love. This savior mentality is still visible in the world today. It gets many girls into rich households where they live lives devoid of love.

Pressure on girls is also witnessed in chapter five where Charlotte is put under pressure because she is 27 and still single. The novel is the best depiction of a world that has refused to change 200 years later. One can conclusively state that pride and prejudice are alive today as much as they were in the 18th and 19th centuries when Jane was writing the novel.