To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee is one of the most common literature books you will have to review at one point in your school years. The instructions to write a Mockingbird essay demand a study of the themes, characters, context, and plot, among other subjects. The topic of discussion will depend on the unit you are studying.

To Kill a Mockingbird essay instructions may come with a prompt or may require you to craft one. The novel is wide enough to offer incredible study areas. However, not every idea is worth studying in an essay. In fact, what appears like a strong topic for one essay may prove to be weak To Kill a Mockingbird critical essay topic in another instance.

How do you determine a strong prompt or topic for the essays To Kill a Mockingbird? Here are a few tips to consider.

  • Specific – what areas do you wish to cover in your review of To Kill a Mockingbird? The prompt or topic sets the boundaries that will guide your research. It gives the reader an idea of the subjects to expect in your paper. For instance, it may indicate that you are studying the characters in the book. If a reader is looking for themes, he knows that your paper will not offer that. Set boundaries in your studies by choosing a specific topic.
  • Original – come up with an original To Kill a Mockingbird critical analysis topic. You avoid copying what other writers have discussed. It gives you a chance to provide new information to scholars who will be studying the novel in the future. The same old discussion does not add value to academic studies.
  • Relevant – choose a relevant topic to study in your paper. Relevance depends on the point at which you are studying the book. For instance, you may be studying it in a political science class. Your topic should take a political science angle. It is the only point your To Kill a Mockingbird analysis essay will make sense.
  • Interesting – assure the reader that his time will be spent on an interesting academic pursuit. Choose an interesting angle or topic of study. Avoid old and obvious discussions that do not add value to existing academic materials on the book.
  • Researchable – can you find quality materials on the topic you are studying in your book review of To Kill a Mockingbird? The essay is an academic piece that must incorporate ideas from other scholars. Choose an angle that you can convincingly support in your paper. It makes it easy to write your essay as well as convince readers that you understand the subject of discussion.
  • Passion – what is your most interesting aspect of the novel To Kill a Mockingbird? It makes a lot of academic sense to choose a topic in an area you love. The passion will make it easy to draft the paper. Passion ignites insights that make your review more interesting to read. It will also save you from fatigue when you have to sit through the essay for long hours. The passion is easy to read in every line you write in the essay.

Captivating prompts on the novel To Kill a Mockingbird

  • Why is the book called To Kill a Mockingbird?
  • How do the childhood experiences of Jem, Scout, and Dill affect their adult lives?
  • Discuss the changes witnessed in the lives of Scout and Jem from the beginning to the end of the novel
  • What role does Atticus play in the community?
  • Through the life of Aunt Alexandra, what is the place of the family?
  • Is the description of Maycomb by the author justified?
  • How is the concept of fear presented in the novel?
  • Atticus is openly criticized but also respected throughout the novel. How is this possible?

To Kill a Mockingbird offers room for incredible discussion topics. Identify the most appropriate topic based on the unit you are studying. Review other essays on the novel to give you an idea of what to write.