The Great Gatsby is a common and rich literary review subject at different grades and levels of study. Because it perfectly captures the life of the American society in the early 20th century, it has earned its place among the most common discussion topics for a The Great Gatsby essay. The novel was written by Scott Fitzgerald and published in 1925.

A Great Gatsby essay could cover many subjects. However, you have to choose the most appropriate based on your discipline of study. You may want to consider the following ideas to make your paper more interesting to read.

  • The freshness of the topic

You are not writing the first essay on The Great Gatsby. Other students have written on the book for years. Some have studied the novel to the Ph.D. level. What new perspective will you offer through your paper? Choose a topic that will capture the imagination of a professor who studied the book at the Ph.D. level. Despite his countless encounters with the book, he should find something interesting in your discussion. This is only possible when you choose a fresh topic.

  • Relevance

The essay on Great Gatsby you produce must be within your scope of the study. The scope depends on the unit you are studying. For instance, you may be discussing the history of America as captured in literature materials. Choose a topic that puts such a theme into perspective. A person picking your essay will find it valuable because it addresses a relevant issue.

  • Specific subject

What do you want to cover in your essay about The Great Gatsby? Set a boundary that will also define expectations when reading the book. For instance, you may want to discuss the characters and their roles. A single essay cannot discuss all characters. Choose a specific character such that a reader will not waste time on the paper expecting to read about a character who is not discussed in your paper.

  • A captivating idea

Make it interesting to read your The Great Gatsby analysis essay. It will only be interesting if you choose an interesting topic. An interesting topic captures a fresh and original idea. It also takes a unique perspective, especially one that has not been pursued before. A ready will feel that time spent reading the paper is valuable time. The words you use and the subject you choose to study make your essay interesting.

  • Strong researchable topic

The Great Gatsby captures several themes and characters. However, not everything is worth studying. Some of the subjects are too obvious to discuss in an academic essay. Choose a reasonable subject that will make an interesting essay. For instance, the American dream Gatsby essay is a popular choice. It gives you a chance to compare how the characters and their lives depict the American dream.

Here is an excellent sample of The Great Gatsby analytical essay.

Is the American dream a mirage according to The Great Gatsby?

The Great Gatsby tells the story of love between a man and a woman. However, the underlying issue is the American dream. It is the best meditation America had in 1920, just years to the great depression. This essay seeks to explore how life has changed since and whether that dream was a mirage.

The American dream also came with the desire to live in a morally upright society. However, Fitzgerald draws the picture of a community lacking in morals. It is in pursuit of pleasure, greed, and cynicism. There can be no better way to describe the death of the American dream than life in such a community. This situation has not changed ever since. The community life is dead as people pursue personal gratification.

The fate of war soldiers after WWI befalls all those who fight today. They have to deal with PTSD, broken homes, and lost lives. It is the same fate facing veterans today. As a result, The Great Gatsby depicts a situation that has not changed a century later.

Nick captures the American dream and its fall perfectly in Chapter 9. The dreams of discovery, individualism, and happiness are gone. Simply put, the American dream is dead today as it was a century ago in 1920 when Fitzgerald was writing The Great Gatsby.